The Valley of Flowers is UNESCO world heritage site, and in 2018 it was inaugurate by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Valley of Flowers is rich in flora and fauna with varied types of flowers. This place attracts all the adventure lovers, botanists, and nature lovers.

In Bhyundar Valley tucked at 3,658 meters, the Valley of Flowers in Chamoli district spread over a vast expanse of 87.50 square km, and cover area of 8 km length and 2 km width.

Valley of Flowers

It is the second core zone of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve and has silvery glaciers, cascading waterfalls, and thickets that welcome the visitors at every step. Ghangaria is the last human habitation on the path of Valley of Flowers which is situated 13 km away from Govindghat.

Valley of Flowers

Flora and fauna in the valley of flowers change its colors throughout to the season from May to October. With hundreds of different flowers, changing colors, shades, and the fragrance lure you to visit this valley.

It is also a home of many flowers like the blue poppy, the Brahmakamal, and the cobra lily. It is a much-liked place for botanists, flower-lovers, photographers, trekkers, wildlife photographers, and bird watchers.

The valley of flower is very popular among thousands of foreigners flock and International tourists, and each year thousands of people visit this place.

Dates for opening and closing dates for the colorful bed of flowers: The Valley of Flowers

  • Opening Date 2019:

Valley of flowers opening date: 1st June of 2019

  • Closing Date 2019:

Valley of flowers closing date: Each year Valley of flower closed in October/November. Exact dates will come soon.

Valley of Flowers

Valley of the flower is heaven on earth, which opens at 7.00 am every day, and the last entry is allowed till 2.00 pm.

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