Valley Of Flowers At Statue Of Unity

Valley of Flowers, one of the attraction at the world’s tallest statue, Statue of Unity. The valley of flowers is just beside the statues in the Kevadiya colony of Gujarat. You can also be called that the statue welcomes its visitors with the 17 km long patch of colorful flowers along with the banks of holy River Narmada. The flowers are set up in such a way that it looks like a rainbow on the earth.

Valley of Flowers

This project covers more than 100 types of flowers. Garmado (yellow and red), Champo (white), Gulmohar (red), Khakhro (red), shrubs like Galtora (red and yellow), Pongaro (red), Tecoma (yellow), climbers (Qualisis, Wadeliya, Allamandacathartica, and bamboos), Boganveliya (white, red, yellow, and pink) Nerium,  and colourful grasses are some of the manes of the known flowers. It also includes all-season flowers like Calendula, Marigold, Vinca, Sunflower, etc.

In the first phase of development, the sowing of flower done in 250 hectors of the area, and by the end of the development phase, it covers 3000 hector area with the valley of flowers.  The overall area covers about 32,500 sq. Mt. has a drip-irrigation system. With it, this place has two beautiful lakes named as ‘Kamal’ and ‘Poyani.’