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Narmada camp city provides 200 spacious and luxurious tents to visitors from across the world and throughout the United States. We provide a relaxing vacation close to The Statue of Unity and all of it at a low cost. In addition, there’s an outdoor pool which guests can unwind after a hard day, or go for a bath in the morning in order to relax their muscles.

The price you won’t be able to beat

If you’re searching for the lowest price and Tent City Narmada prices, look at this:

  • Premium Tents @ Rs. 12000 INR For 02 Person (couple)
  • Deluxe Tents @ Rs. 9000 INR For 02 Person (couple)

Furthermore, packages and tent options are also available for larger groups. The price can also change, therefore, always double-check prior to making a making your reservation.

In the course of exploring the land of India We all need the best possible accommodation. This Statue of Unity Tent City 2. 2 located in Ekta Nagar is your ideal option for enjoying the captivating tourist attractions in the vicinity of the SOU. Here’s the reason why you should visit the Narmada Tent City is a once in a lifetime experience

It has water activities as well as adventures sports, as well as promotes ecotourism. It is close to the SOU, which means you don’t have to spend time travel.

Booking is secure

The cost of tents is extremely affordable. It is a great value. Statue of Unity and Sardar Dam are well-known spots located in Ekta Nagar. The resort is an impressive amount of visitors which is why you should take the opportunity to celebrate your trip on your way. Tent City Narmada is one of the top resorts and you can enjoy beautiful days there.

Ekta Nagar is also known for its ecotourism as well as adventurous activities. The procedure to make Narmada Tent City online booking is simple but also easy. Accommodation Options at Tent City Narmada

Narmada Tent City Kevadia has several packages offering various accommodations, such as a Premium tent, Deluxe tent, and Standard. Make reservations for your Tent online by visiting Tent City Narmada.

Make reservations online

Create the Narmada Tent City Reservation Online to ensure that visitors can have an accommodation of their choice and enjoy some of our most popular services. A booking made in advance ensures that you will are able to have a room during your stay. You’ll be able to take in the stunning beauty of the Narmada river as well as the Statue of Unity, and the mountain ranges, without worrying about accommodations.

The Narmada Tent City resort furnishes the best experience you could enjoy within Ekta Nagar by providing top-notch hospitality and delicious meals. We’re equipped to handle guests needs with care to ensure that your stay with us is enjoyable. We must also create artistic plans for our guests and show the community. Our lush green lawn is a great location for guests to unwind and refresh after a tiring day of exploring.

Tents are customized according to the requirements.

It is stocked with necessary and luxurious amenities. located in the middle of Ekta Nagar, adjacent to the Sardar Sarovar Dam. Take a step closer to the tallest statue you’ve ever seen.

Narmada tent city 2 in Narmada is the ideal accommodation option for those you visit the Statue of Unity. The price of the package tour varies based on the kind of tent you select and the length of your time. With lush, beautiful nature, the city of tents is the ideal choice.

Tourists have the option of choosing between luxury as well as standard tents. It is the Narmada tent city is your choice for a restful luxury, affordable stay!

Excellent location and facilities

Gujarat is an expanding State of India with its roots deeply rooted in its traditions, heritage and customs. It’s not less innovative and growing. In the past decade there has been a major improvement in the state’s infrastructure. Alongside all the industrial and artistic boons and growth, natural benefits of this area can’t be overlooked, especially those of the River Narmada. The biggest west-flowing river in India has stunning natural beauty that keeps on beckoning. Narmada Tent City Narmada Tent City was built using this river as the center and you can be awed by the various options of adventure and sightseeing. Also, whether you’re looking to put your feet up and unwind or are planning an exciting holiday, this is the ideal place that you can drive towards.


It is now your turn to choose something amazing here at Tent City Narmada. In this place, you will be near to nature and enjoy the most comfortable accommodations. You will feel a sense of peace and enjoy the finest Statue of Unity tent accommodation.

There are many packages and you have to choose the one that best meets your needs. It is a great location for family tours as well as conferences, educational tours and so on.


If you are planning to visit the statue of unity then we recommended you book your statue of unity tickets online to avoid a long queue.