oyo ekta houseboat

OYO Ekta Houseboat for your upcoming plans for staying near the statue of unity with necessary facilities in Ekta Nagar and deliveries with free Wi-Fi throughout the houseboat.

The rooms in the cottage have been furnished with a full seating area, TV, air conditioning and a desk facility.

If we talk of this facility then this is entirely formulated based on the wants of a new traveler and to secure a hassle-free experience, they give detailed information. For Planning a trip with your family and friends then you can plan according to that. This House boat gives you a new option to stay well decorated and attractive near the Statue of Unity. It is not just a houseboat that offers a magnificent view but ensures incredible comfort for the guests. The cottage area is hard flooring with flowy curtains which expands the space of the beauty.The rooms have a lake view and plush and comfortable furniture, with colorful cushions adding a charming vibe to the spa and for any other specific thing you can do after your booking and rates.


If we talk about the check in and check out times then check in is in the afternoon and the check out till 11:00 AM. The price fluctuates and depends on the date on which you are staying, number of people and main room classification. And the triple room is approx 50,000 for a one night stay.

If we see the promising stay of a hotel or a tent near the statue of unity then it focs the group of people who are young. Being full of delectable cuisines and areas for cultural activity, The visitors experience unique house accommodation with first-class hospitality with multiple options that complement your lifestyle.

Near OYO Ekta HouseBoats:

  • Nearest Airport of Vadodara 73 km
  • Statue of Unity 3 km
  • Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is 3.6 km


OYO fulfills the wish for females–in hospitality. And this little expansion to OYO Rooms and Hotel appeals to understanding business travelers glancing for premium characteristics in their hotel accommodation and who don’t have any money problems. This houseboat has been launched as a new option for travelers and an attractive option for everyone.