Niraan Tent City


Tent City Varanasi

Niraan Tent City

The most magnificent glamping resort in this holy city is Niraan Tent City. Niraan is built from scratch and disassembled as a temporary venue, therefore it is only available during specified months of the year. Niraan stands apart from other resorts since it is the only Tented Glamping Resort established on a Ganges riverbank.

Beyond the bridge, from Assi Ghaat in the south to Adi Keshava in the north, there are more than 70 bathing ghaats located alongside the river. Some ghaats are calm, while others are busy with Indian pilgrims. The Ganges is said to have come down from heaven, and bathing in it is said to wash away sins and refresh the soul.

For the last 2500 years, the city has drawn pilgrims and seekers from all across India, beginning with the Buddha, Mahavira, and Shankaracharya, who came here to teach the deepest meanings of life and the Vedas.

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