ATTACHMENT DETAILS First-All-women-McDonalds-Branch-Near-Statue-Of-Unity

McDonald’s India announced that Westlife Development, its operator in Gujarat, had opened its first all-women drive through branch in Ekta Narmada in Narmada district. It is in the same vicinity as the Statue of Unity. The company took up this initiative with the goal of empowering women, promoting diversity, and inclusion.

28 women were recruited from villages nearby to work in the branch. They were trained according to the FSSAI guidelines. The staff are able to maintain a high standard in safety and hygiene, as well as any other procedures that may be required.

“It’s an honor for us to open our maiden all-women employee driven drive-thru restaurant at Ekta Nagar, the land of the prestigious Statue of Unity. Smita Jatia, Westlife Development MD, stated that the initiative will allow us to increase our commitment to diversity and inclusion as we foster communities by bringing more women from the area into the workforce.

Through its subsidiary Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt Ltd., Westlife Development holds the franchise to operate and own McDonald’s restaurants within India’s west- and south markets. It has 326 McDonald’s locations in 47 cities.

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