Narmada Tent City at Kevadiya in Gujarat is perhaps the most effective option to get an opportunity to relax without the need to search for distant locations. The hotel is situated right beside the Statue of Unity – the world’s largest statue – it just provides a space to stay but also provides water activities, sports, and encourages eco-tourism.

If you’re looking to enjoy an exquisite nature getaway, Tent City Narmada is the perfect solution. It is a stunning location set in the stunning background of the Sardar Sarovar Dam and its lush surrounding, it’s the ideal retreat for those who would like to relax in the midst of lush hills and lakes, forested areas and clean air.

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There is the possibility of selecting from three thrilling accommodation options that meet your needs – Luxury Tents and Superior Tents as well as Standard Tents each with modern facilities. No matter if you’re looking to vacation for a single day or two you can customize your stay to suit the kind of experience you’d like to enjoy.

The only location in the Tent City allows you to be close to The Statue of Unity and Sardar Sarovar Dam. Statue of Unity – Standing tall on the Sadhu Bet Island It is 182 meters high and is truly a stunning sight to take in with the beautiful scenery that is its backdrop. The fully functioning memorial park is dedicated to the revolutionary idealism and visionary ideas of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel with its captivating edutainment features such as Museum & Audio Visual Gallery, Viewing Gallery, High-Speed Lift and a Laser and the Light and Sound Show as well as other Hospitality and entertainment components.

The other attraction , Sardar Sarovar Dam is the second largest dam in terms of volume and size. The dam is situated in the Narmada River with the largest capacity of carrying 40000 cubic centimeters. Sardar Sarovar Dam is also the longest canal system anywhere in the world. It also has the hydroelectricity generation capacity of 1450 megawatts and is amazing engineering work.


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