A new addition in the attraction at Statue of Unity. Cruise ride alongside the Statue of
Unity View can accommodate approximately 200 people at a time.

  •  Everyone will enjoy a cruise at the statue of unity like Goa.
  •  Cruise starts on 1 st May 2022
  •  The cruise can accommodate up to 200 tourists simultaneously

Cruise in Statue of Unity

Travel Desk: After viewing the Statue of Unity by foot, by helicopter by air, you will
now be thrilled to see the cruise by water. A cruise with a capacity of 200 passengers is
being finalized here. Tourists will also enjoy a DJ-dance on a cruise like Goa. The cruise ride
fare is Rs. 300 has been decided. Officials have indicated that it will commence from
May 1, the day of Gujarat establishment.

The Statue of Unity, the world's tallest statue, has visited 4 million tourists a year. Until
now, tourists had to walk by the gate to see the statue. The statue could also be seen on
the helicopter by air. Now, however, the Statue may have the privilege of viewing the
waterway. The cruise along the Narmada river is finally being finalized. All facilities,
except carpets and machinery, are currently ready. The cruise can accommodate up to
200 tourists simultaneously. The cruise will be 6 km from Garudeshwar. The best Bharat
Bhawan will have boat points. From there, one hour on the straight 6 km route, boat
tourists can enjoy.

The cruise will have these features

  • The cruise can accommodate up to 200 tourists simultaneously.
  • The cruise will be rotated 6 km.
  • The ferry from Garudeshwar to the Statue of Unity will be one hour.
  • There will also be song-music with tribal dance on the stage at night.
  • The cruise fare will be kept at Rs 300.
  • There will be breakfast, breakfast facilities
  • A cruise facility that can accommodate up to 200 tourists simultaneously