Since the time of prehistoric times, people have recognized the value in medicinal plant. Both traditional and modern healing systems such as Ayurveda as well as Ayurveda, which dates back to the ancient times are using herbs to improve health for wellness and treatments like massages, treating certain ailments and preventive therapies.

Recognizing the significance of these plants for healing, Arogya Van (Herbal Garden) is located near the Statue of Unity, which covers an area of around 17 acres. Arogya Van displays a diverse variety of medicinal plants as well as wellness-related landscapes. The purpose of this place, located in Ekta Nagar, is to educate people about the vital importance of plants for the overall health of human beings. It also focuses upon Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation as integral components of one’s overall health.


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The entrance gate to Arogya Van has all 12 postures of Surya Namaskar in human size in order to highlight Yoga’s importance which should be regularly practiced to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The digital information center is set up to recognize the visitors and to help them understand the history and importance of the medicinal plants we use in daily living.

The main attraction of Arogya Van lies in the “Aushadh Manav. It’s the largest three-dimensional representation of the human body in the position of resting. Each organ of the human body is represented by a plant that is beneficial to the particular organ. Therefore, these plants are cultivated in the particular area of the body in order to help visitors aware of the specific medicinal plants utilized for the treatment of the specific organ.

There are five gardens inside Arogya Van – Garden of Colours, Aroma Garden, Yoga Garden, Alba Garden and Leutea Garden.

The indoor plants section was developed to increase awareness of the importance of landscapes for interiors. The landscaping in the interior plays an important function in providing a comfortable and peaceful environment where you can stroll and unwind. It is a semi-covered made structure.

To further explore the power that traditional medicine can offer in its original shape and in the context of Arogya Van, Gujarat Forest Department has partnered in partnership with Santhigiri Ashram from Kerala, an organization that has greater than sixty years’ expertise in the traditional treatment methods which include Ayurveda, Siddha & Yoga. This project provides holistic health care system that is based on Ayurveda, Siddha, Panchakarma, Yoga, Marma & Naturopathy to guests from India and around the world. Thus, you can enjoy the authentic traditional treatments in the peaceful setting of Narmada valley in Arogya Van-Santhigiri Wellness Centre.

The Arogya Van-Santhigiri Wellness Centre, also known as Arogya Kutir offers therapeutic treatments and treatments such as Dhara, Snehapanam, Sirovasti, Pizhichil, Udavarthanam, Marmachitiksa, Nasyam, karnapooranam, Tharpanam, Njavarrakizhi, Herbal Bath in the Stream, Rasayanchikitsa, Spinal Bath and Therapeutic Massages that are extremely popular in Kerala. When you walk through the Arogya Van, which is a rather herbaceous garden it is accompanied by music to create a typical tropical forest environment.


Location: Statue of Unity, Gujarat 393151, India

Operational Hours: 09:00Hrs to 17:00Hrs